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Sony Camera Sensor Business is Dominating Smartphones

News by admin on Thursday May 07, 2015.

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Sony's Xperia smartphone division is taking a beating recently, bleeding money and failing to find a spark with consumers. Considering Sony makes good devices, it is hard to see why, but the company has even reportedly thought seriously about selling the Xperia brand like it did its VAIO personal computer division last year. However, Sony still has a shot to get back to profit and to make money from mobile phones.

The company's camera lenses are taking over the smartphone market and are used by numerous main rivals, such as Apple and Samsung. So much so that Sony named cameras components as its number one focus moving forward when it announced strategy in February, smartphone hardware was a distant third and final priority.

The Wall Street Journal has found that Sony accounts for 40% of all the camera sensor market in 2014 and that figure will likely increase this year. To highlight Sony's dominance, the next two largest suppliers, Samsung (15.2%) and OmniVision (15.7%) do not make up Sony's market share combined.

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