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Sprint adds New Subscribers but Loses Money

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015.

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Sprint released its first quarter (2015) financial results this week, rounding out the big four carriers in the United States. While AT&T treaded water and Verizon lost customers, it has been left to the smaller companies to have good periods. T-Mobile had another stellar three months, but as Sprint's numbers show, it was not at the expense of the Now Network for a change.

In fact, Sprint seems to be rebounding and it and T-Mobile (the pair were so close to a merger last year) are bloodying the nose of Verizon and AT&T. Sprint revealed that it added 1.2 million new subscribers through the first quarter, which was the highest amount of new customers added in three years. The number was made up of 967,000 new net subscribers and is a stark contrast to the same period in 2014 when the Now Network lost 383,000 subscribers.

546,000 new prepaid customer were added in Q1, which was the best in the market in the USA for the period (the second quarter in a row Sprint has achieved that accolade). The third carrier in the United States now has 29 million post-paid customers and 15.8 million prepaid subscribers overall, and then an additional 10.73 million wholesale accounts. Through all its various avenues there are some 57.1 million people connected to the Now Network, which reached 280 million with 4G LTE coverage.

As for money, Sprint recorded revenue of $8.3 billion, which was actually down 7% from the year before, while it also lost more money, $224 million compared to $151 million in 2014. That could be explained by the company getting more competitive on pricing, taking a loss in a bid to bring in more, hopefully loyal, consumers.

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