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HTC Suffers Worst April in Six Years, One M9 to Blame

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday May 06, 2015.

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HTC One M9
HTC One M9

Many people have been writing HTC off for a few years, but over the quarters the company has managed to make a profit and confound critics. The Taiwanese giant did that by launching well spec'd handsets with blazing designs, generally adding something interesting to the market. The One M7 and One M8 led that charge with all-metal designs and flagship specs.

The new One M9 delivers both of those things, but it is merely an updated One M8 and if we were being harsh we could argue it is outright pointless. In a market where Samsung and LG are making huge strides, and upstart companies like Xiaomi are becoming increasingly compelling, the need for HTC to stay fresh and relevant is vital. However, with the very disappointing One M9 the company failed to do that.

Through the last month (the One M9?s first on sale) proved that as HTC recorded its worst April in over six years. It comes off the back of a profit making first quarter and analysts are obviously pointing to the lack of interest in the One M9 as the problem. Revenues collapsed 38.6% compared to the same month in 2014, $439.95 million from $719.24 million last April. Sales fell 32.26% from $652.44 million in March and the One M9 is failing to match the One M8 last year.

During its first month on sale the 2014 One M8shifted 8 million units, a very good figure, but the One M9 has plunged 32.26% and only moved 4.75 million units. The problem HTC clearly faces now is that its new flagship is not two months old and is not being welcomed by the consumer. Will the company be forced to delivering a second flagship this year, or can it afford to wait it out until next year? Expect a marketing blitz to try and drum up interest in the One M9, or at the very least a solid high end device launching this fall, if not a full flagship.

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