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Adoption Levels for iOS 8 at 81% Says Apple

News by Luke Jones on Thursday April 30, 2015.

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This is another fantastic week for Apple. The Apple Watch is selling well since being launched last Friday, while the company announced record first quarter revenues and profits on Tuesday. Now Cupertino has announced current adoption rates for its latest mobile operating system and the numbers are impressive.

Since iOS 8 launched last September it has found its way to 81% of all devices running Apple?s iOS. It is a staggering statistic that means only 19% of users are running older Apple software, including 17% on iOS 7 (launched 2013) and just a tiny 2% running older versions. Those older versions are not really supported anymore, so Apple will be pleased to see so few people are actually using those dated devices, clearly opting to upgrade.

Of course, that is Apple's great market strength, getting consumers to keep coming back year after year to buy new products. iOS moved a little faster than iOS 8 and had reached 90% of all devices during the same timeframe, but nevertheless Apple will be pleased with adoption rates, which remain significantly better than great rival Android. For example, Android 5.0 Lollipop was launched in October (a month after iOS 8) and has only reached 5.4% of all Android products.

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