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Nokia to Make Smartphones in 2016

News by Luke Jones on Monday April 20, 2015.

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For mobile phone users of a certain vintage, Nokia holds a special place in the heart, the company was after-all the biggest cellular phone manufacturer in the world for several years. However, the Finnish giant has sort of just faded away since Microsoft bought its devices division back last year. Sure, Nokia software is doing well (HERE Maps, Z Launcher) and there has even been a tablet release, but Nokia the phone company is simply no more.

Since Microsoft's purchase we have gone from the company coming back in 2016 with new smartphones to never making one again, and everywhere in between. It seems that a 2016 return is back on the cards. Of course, that is when the company's licensing deal with Microsoft ends; Nokia simply cannot make smartphones right now per the terms of that agreement.

Re/code is reporting that when the deal expires through the third quarter of 2016 that Nokia will once again begin making smartphones. It is certainly telling that Nokia is set to purchase Alcatel-Lucent for over $16 billion; a readymade manufacturer that does solid business in Asia could point in the direction Nokia wants to take.

Surely, it is with the Android market where any future hardware endeavours by the company will be, and arguably in the budget arena, where Nokia did well while putting Windows Phone 8 on the map.

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