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Sharp Announces 5.5-inch 4K Smartphone Screen

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday April 14, 2015.

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While plenty of manufacturers are still using 1080p screens for flagships (HTC's One M9 springs to mind), the fact is the technology is becoming mid-range as more and more companies turn to Quad HD. The lowly 720p resolution (which is still pretty darn good) is now reserved for budget handsets, while anything below is almost not worth looking at outside of entry level.

However, screen technology for smartphones is moving very fast. Just a year ago LG launched the G3 with the first ever Quad HD screen in the mobile space, but already it seems we are moving to the next level. While one might expect Samsung, or indeed LG again to be leading this charge to increased resolution, it is actually Japanese company Sharp that has made the first move.

The company announced a 5.5-inch display for smartphones that comes with a 2160 x 3840 pixel Ultra HD resolution, or 4K to you and me. While the screen is not actually pasted on a smartphone yet, it will be ready for production in 2016. So, while you may think what was good enough for the human eye topped out at 1080p (there are certainly plenty who do) it seems that companies will be moving away from even Quad HD in the coming year.

This is likely to have little impact on devices like the One M9 that do tote 1080p panels, but we would think that by the end of this year that Quad HD screens will be the norm for high end smartphones.

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