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Samsung Predicts Record Numbers of Galaxy S6's will Ship this Year

News by Luke Jones on Thursday April 09, 2015.

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Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge flagship are still waiting to be rolled out officially, but already the signs are good that they are boosting Samsung after a dodgy 2014. The company has seen huge amounts of pre-purchase interest in the handsets, with reports hinting that Samsung broke its own records for pre-order numbers.

That seems to be the case as the company's mobile division chief, J.K. Shin revealed during a media conference on Thursday that Samsung is expecting record shipments of the Galaxy S6 range. It was previously reported that the devices would sell well, but not as much as Samsung hopes.

A Citibank analyst has said that Samsung will sell many more Galaxy S6 units than originally predicted. Earlier analyst expectations pegged the GS6 for 38 million unit sales through the course of this year, but the positive impact of the device since its launch has made them reconsider. Citibank now says that Samsung will move 46 million units through 2015, with 8 million of those selling in the month of April.

That number still falls short of Samsung's own predictions and indeed far behind the figures arch rival Apple achieved with the iPhone 6. Samsung has internal expectations of 50 million Galaxy S6 units through the year, 10 million of which will be the Galaxy Note Edge. While 46 million units would still be good for the company, surely the Korean giant will be disappointed if it does not meet its own expectations.

Apple sold tens of millions of iPhone 6 units in just three months, but while Samsung cannot match those kinds of numbers, the Galaxy S6 looks as if it will be successful enough to once again place the company as the only real competitor to Apple's all-conquering smartphone.

Shin's latest claim suggests that the company is sticking to its 50 million estimate and counting on beating analysts. Of course, Samsung has the raw data to back it up, so we would believe the company's 50 million S6 units sold in 2015. It is worth noting that Shin did not offer any specific numbers, just that Samsung would sell record amounts of Galaxy S smartphones. That would mean the magic 50 million mark, an amount that would make the device comfortably the second best selling smartphone on the market.

Shin also hinted that the company has been surprised by the demand for the more exclusive, slightly more niche Galaxy S6. He said Samsung is unlikely to meet demand for the handset initially, making the device scarce in its first few months available. Both GS6 variants will launch around the world in 20 nations tomorrow (April 10th).

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