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Motorola Moto G Brazil's best-Selling Smartphone

News by Luke Jones on Sunday March 29, 2015.

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Moto G
Moto G

The Motorola Moto G is one of the most rounded smartphones on the market. Sure, it is not as well spec'd as flagships, but it hits a sweet spot and is extremely affordable; in many ways this was the device that made the budget end of the market interesting again. It is emerging markets that have welcomed the Moto G and bought it in large numbers, including Brazil where the handset is the most popular smartphone in the country.

The Moto G holds a sizeable 18% market share in the nation, and the devices' success has been enough to move Motorola to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in the country. The company surpassed LG for that honor, but there is little surprise to see that Samsung is the market leader in Brazil. However, like much of the world, Samsung's share has declined steeply over the last year, from 51% in 2013 to 43% through 2014.

Brazil is an important market, the fourth largest smartphone market in the world in fact, although much of trade in the country is for lower end models, amongst which the Moto G thrives. That's good news for Motorola too as IDC predicts that this budget area of the global market will grow the most over the next four years. Handsets priced between $100 and $300 will grow at the expense of mid-range devices priced between $300 and $500. Flagships on the other hand are likely to retain their 15% market share without a decline.

Motorola's Moto G has been a huge success for the company and has helped the brand increase its market share by some 118% through last year. The company still lags behind, but coming under Lenovo's wing will help with further coverage, while the Moto G points to a bright future. The handset is Motorola?s best-selling smartphone in the company's portfolio. A reason it has been such a hit in Brazil is because it is affordable at the equivalent of $260 USD, next to handsets such as the iPhone 6 that costs a minimum of $1080 in the South American country.

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