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"Patent Troll" Wins as Motorola Found Guilty of Patent Infringement

News by admin on Friday March 27, 2015.

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Motorola has been found guilty of infringing a patent related to MMS technology by a jury in Delaware. The technology is used for multimedia texting on mobile products and the patent in question was owned by Intellectual Ventures, a company that is unsurprisingly known for patents it holds on intellectual properties.

Motorola has tangled with Intellectual Ventures before, clashing with the company in February 2014, although that time the jury could not reach a verdict so a mistrial was called. While the Moto company was found guilty of patent infringement, it was cleared of illegally using another patent regarding wireless bandwidth. Intellectual Ventures is known as the "Patent Troll" and owns some 70,000 patents that is licenses out, although recently it has focused on suing companies for infringing patents.

We are encouraged by today's verdict. As we look ahead to the next trial, we remain committed to defending inventor rights and protecting the interests of our investors and customers."-Melissa Finocchio, chief litigation counsel, Intellectual Ventures

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