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Samsung and LG Confirms Bendy Smartphones in 2016

News by Luke Jones on Thursday March 26, 2015.

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The Galaxy Note Edge has a folded screen
The Galaxy Note Edge has a folded screen

Samsung and LG both have smartphones that employ curved glass technology, while Samsung has gone a step further with devices sporting actual folding glass. However, in the development stage glass that can be rolled, folded, bent and twisted is in development. Both LG and Samsung have said 2016 could be the date that the first devices with this technology come to the market.

The South Korean companies stated this fact back in 2014, saying 2015 will be a key year in the development of the tech, with 2016 reaping the rewards of those breakthroughs with actual devices. It is nice to see that time frame reaffirmed six months on, at leasing according to Business Korea; the outlet claiming representatives of both LG and Samsung confirmed as much.

It seems the technology is on track for the timeframe the companies, but both seem to be taking different avenues. LG is working on transparent screens, the sort of technology we see on heads up displays in cars, although the company says a workable product could be some way off. Samsung on the other hand is working on foldable screen that it says is closer to production, with the first products due to land in 2016.

It's worth mentioning that these are not the only companies working on this kind of tech, but are merely the most open about their progress.

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