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LG G4 Will Not Be Metal, But Who Cares?

News by Luke Jones on Monday March 23, 2015.

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It seems that metal is the material of choice for manufacturers wanting a premium looking (and feeling) smartphone, but what about good old plastic? Samsung was often derided for using plastic on its flagships when the likes of Apple and HTC were using metal. Now, most manufactures, Samsung included are building their high end smartphones from metal, but there are a few hold outs still sticking to plastic.

LG for example is reportedly going to launch its new G4 flagship over the coming weeks, and according to leaked renders the handset will be made from plastic. So, the real debate here is whether that is a good thing when just about every other major OEM has gone metal? While plenty of write ups today will deride LG for sticking with plastic, I would say that it hardly matters and many people would actually prefer plastic.

I was a long-time critic of Samsung's plastic devices because they did not feel good, the plastic felt low quality, and there was something lacking on say the Galaxy S5 against a HTC One M8. Samsung addressed that, but it is not something LG needs to do as the very plastic G3 was a design triumph, feeling good in the hand and aesthetically pleasing. Nokia made quality plastic phones for a long time, and Motorola is doing the same now, so the idea that aluminium (hardly the most precious of materials anyway) is a mark of premium is a myth.

Also, looking at renders of the G4, it seems LG is on to a design winner again as this looks to be a good looking smartphone. The addition of a slight curved screen will set it apart and the overall look does not seem to suffer for not being metal.

Not that LG is taking the high ground over aluminium though as the Korean company will still apparently build an LG Pro that will be metal. That would be the first flagship the company has made from metal, but don't let be the deciding factor on whether it is premium or not.

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