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OnePlus One to be More Expensive in Europe from Next Week

News by Luke Jones on Thursday March 19, 2015.

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OnePlus One
OnePlus One

While OnePlus has had plenty of hiccups over the last year, the company has built as very strong relationship with its customers, perhaps more so than any other smartphone company. That was in evidence again today as the Chinese brand took the time to announce that the OnePlus One handset will become more expensive in Europe.

Okay, that is hardly doing customers a favor, raising the price of a products, but normally companies would simply not take the time to inform. OnePlus says it has taken the step because it is "now selling devices at a loss" in Europe "due to the current value of the Euro". That means the OnePlus One 16GB that retails for 269 Euros will become 299 Euros from March 25th.

As for the 64GB variant of the "flagship killer," it will now be 349 Euros instead of 299 Euros. Luckily, OnePlus has still managed to keep the price of its handset low when compared to similarly spec'd smartphones, despite the price hike. This is exclusively for the European market, so if you live in another region (even the UK), you will not be affected.

As you may know, the euro is quite unstable at the moment. Last year, many other companies insured themselves against this volatility by launching devices with higher prices in Europe than in other markets. This is something that we opted not to do, as we are committed to maintaining razor-thin margins in order to give the most value back to our fans.

Unfortunately, as the value of the euro continued to drop, our razor-thin margins began to turn into 0 margins. Due to the current value of the euro, we are now selling devices at a loss in the EU. In light of these exchange rate shifts and trends, we will be making some changes to our pricing structure for the One in markets that use the euro as currency. New prices will be as follows:

16GB Silk White - 299

64GB Sandstone Black - 349

We sincerely wish that we had an alternative option here. We explored all possible avenues in an attempt to avoid any changes, but as a startup with exceedingly-slim margins, our current euro prices simply aren't sustainable.

This new pricing structure will go into effect on March 25, which means that you can still buy the One in next Tuesday's open sales at the current price of ?269/?299. For the next 7 days, we will take the hit and absorb all of the loss from selling below cost. We think it's only fair to give you a week's notice and hope you can understand why we have to do this.

Note: Accessories will not be affected and will remain at current prices.

We are constantly searching for ways to give value back to our fans, so thank you for understanding that this change is unavoidable. We will continue to keep our margins as thin as possible.

source: OnePlus

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