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Dyson Invests in Company Working on Double Life Batteries

News by admin on Monday March 16, 2015.

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While smartphone specs get increasingly better, they draw more power, and battery life is not moving at the same pace as processors or screen technology. As a consequence, a juicer in a handset is now a very important factor for many people, but yet no company has managed to make a significant breakthrough aside from bumping battery time by hours.

That's where famed appliance manufacturer Dyson comes in, the company behind several revolutionary household products is investing $15 million into a new technology that could double battery life. A section of the University of Michigan called Sakti3 is the recipient of the money to develop its new technology that swaps the traditional mix of chemicals used in batteries for lithium electrodes.

The batteries store more than 1000 watt hours per liter, which essentially means they offer double what batteries we use in smartphones now can store. Of course, the up side of that is the ability for mobile phones to stay alive for longer.

Sakti3 has achieved leaps in performance, which current battery technology simply can't. It's these fundamental technologies - batteries, motors - that allow machines to work properly."-James Dyson, company founder.

Its not just the technological advancement that is good, the batteries are cheaper and easier to make, so they are friendlier to Mother Nature. They also last longer before having to be changed and they are safer when in the device too, due to the lack of mixing chemicals. Dyson's joint agreement will see the batteries developed further and maybe one day brought to the market.

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