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Nokia HERE Maps Lands on iOS

News by admin on Wednesday March 11, 2015.

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It is easy to think sometimes that Google Maps is the only robust maps software out there, and certainly Mountain Views' service is deserving of its dominant market share. However, Nokia's HERE Maps has been providing a viable alternative to Google Maps for some time, especially with its free offline turn by turn navigation.

HERE Maps has enjoyed success on Android and indeed on Windows Phone, and Nokia said last year that it was working on an iOS version for Apple's products. The Finnish company has today announced that the iOS version of HERE Maps is now ready and available to download on iOS. The app comes with numerous features, such as offline navigation, voice navigation for transport and people, lane switching, traffic guidance, and public transport schedules. All of the features are also available offline thanks to GPS; that includes all the voice navigation and voice options.

More than 200 country maps are available, as well as whole continent maps, and you can download them to store on your device. The app is now available for iOS, but there has been a delay in the software, so it will not be available for the App Store for another one or two days.

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