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Is the Apple Watch a Game Changing Wearable?

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday March 11, 2015.

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Apple Watch
Apple Watch

Apple gave its Apple Watch a full launch this week and also revealed the prices, list of apps, and the date when pre-orders will begin. With all that information in mind, it is worth asking the question, is the Apple Watch really the game changing smartwatch many thought it would be?

That's out Facebook question for the day. On the one hand the Apple Watch is a fine product, a typically premium device from Cupertino that comes loaded with apps, and has apparently a further 100,000 available. On the other hand, it is very expensive for smartwatches and is certainly not as good looking as other offerings. Indeed, we can probably think of five wearables that are better looking instantly, and surely there would be more if we really thought about it.

It is safe to say that the Apple Watch Edition is hugely expensive at $10,000 (in fact, the most expensive versions are $17,000), and for that money you do not get any new tech. Of course, there are much more affordable versions, including the entry level Apple Watch Sport at $350. There are three versions of the Apple Watch to be made available.

$350 for Apple Watch Sport 38mm

$400 for Apple Watch Sport 42mm

$550 - $1050 for 38mm Apple Watch (stainless steel, varying by band)

$600 - $1100 for 42mm Apple Watch (stainless steel, varying by band)

Starting from $10,000 for Apple Watch Edition (18-karat gold)

None of those are as affordable as the top Android Wear smartwatches like the Moto 360, a wearable that is generally considered to be the design benchmark. Pre-orders for the Apple Watch start on April 10th, but the actual launch date is still unconfirmed.

So, is this package good enough for the price and the reputation as a defining wearable product? Battery life is under a day and there are no standout features that could be considered must have. Although, the Apple Watch does have features that are missing on Android Wear and it is equipped with a greater range of apps. However, with a battery life of less than a day, it could spend as much time getting juice as using it. It will certainly be a game changer in terms of sales, making the wearable market move up a level from its current niche position.

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