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LG G4 to be Brand New Device

News by Luke Jones on Thursday March 05, 2015.

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Just how much you should change a smartphone from one generation to the next is a hot topic this week. On the one hand HTC has only incrementally updated it One M8 to create the new One M9 flagship, while on the other Samsung showed off the Galaxy S6, a completely fresh new device (even if Samsung's Galaxy heritage is firmly in place). So what is LG to do when the company releases the follow up to the G3 in a couple of months' time?

The G3 was a tour de force smartphone that established LG as a true main player in the smartphone world. To mine gold again, one could argue that a simple update and refresh of the handset would suffice for the Korean company. However, LG's head of mobile division, Cho Juno said that the company is thinking big with the G4 and will make the handset radically different from its predecessor.

Of course, the specs are likely to get a big bump, with the latest and greatest hardware in tow (likely a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and maybe a 3K screen), but Juno?s words also hint at an aesthetic overhaul. The G3 felt great, but the next step is probably for LG to build a high end device out of metal, especially as that?s the route being walked by its rivals. He also said that the company is waiting to announce its UX 4 software before launching the G4.

"We will announce LG UX 4.0 before announcing the LG G4. I think it is simply the best and the issue is how to best fit the new UX system into the G4 smartphone". Okay, bring it on already.

LG took the fight to Samsung last year and bettered the Galaxy S5 in almost every way. Sammy responded with the new Galaxy S6, arguably the best Android smartphone on the market, and Juno said that LG appreciates the quality of Samsung?s flagship and will be looking to better it with the G4. "Samsung did a very good job with the Galaxy S6 smartphone. I believe our G4 will also be good. With higher expectations, LG put huge resources into the LG G4," Cho claimed.

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