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Apple Tops Smartphone Market at Expense of Samsung

News by Luke Jones on Thursday March 05, 2015.

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Another hint of Samsung's decline, further proof of the dominance of the iPhone 6, or just pure luck? It is probably a case of all three as Apple outsold Samsung around the world during the fourth quarter of 2014. It is the first time since 2011 that Cupertino has positioned itself as numero uno in the global smartphone market.

Of course, Apple is number one in many other aspects, but being top in hardware sales has eluded the company as the sheer output of Samsung put the Korean company on top. However, the truly phenomenal success of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus has set Apple apart in this industry in so many ways. With 74.8 million unit sales, the iPhone surpassed Samsung's entire smartphone range, which pulled in 73 million unit.

It is a stark contrast from the previous year where Samsung dominated with 83.3 million units sold and Apple managed just 50.2 million. The numbers show obviously that Apple grew by a large amount (49% in fact), and Samsung fell considerably (12.4%). With the iPhone 6 now maturing and Samsung's Galaxy S6 fresh on the market, it is likely normal service will resume in the coming quarters. Although, it is still a startling result for Apple and will be further cause for concern for Samsung.

Apple held 20.4% of the smartphone market after the fourth quarter according to industry researcher Gartner, while Samsung held 19.4%. Other researchers have varied opinions, for example IDC pegged Samsung as still on top. Either way, the rate in which Apple close the gap is impressive as the iPhone 6 proved itself to be the best performing (from a sales perspective) smartphone of all time.

In other areas of the research, Chinese company Lenovo said when it bought Motorola late last year that it had created the third largest smartphone company in the process. The boast has been proven true according to Gartner, as the company says Lenovo/Motorola took third place in the market with a 6.6% share. Huawei continued to do well in fourth place, but fellow Chinese company Xiaomi is hot on the tail in fifth.

Android continued to dominate the mobile space and was on 80.7% of all smartphone activated throughout 2014. However, Apple kept its own momentum and is easily the most profitable company, despite Android?s perceived dominance. Cupertino raked in 89% of all money made from smartphones in 2014, not bad considering iOS takes just 15.4% of the market.

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