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HTC One M9 Up for Pre-Order in Europe

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday March 04, 2015.

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HTC One M9
HTC One M9

I didn't hide my disappointment when I saw the HTC One M9 at the Mobile World Conference. It is a fantastic smartphone, as was the One M8, the problem is the M9 is just too much of the same and comes at a time when other companies (Samsung, LG, Xiaomi) are radically shaking up their flagship. HTC has now started selling its new flagship in Europe and if like me you are disappointed with the M9, you will probably be disappointed with the price of it too.

The handset is up for pre-order in Germany, where it can be yours for 749.99 Euros, which is about $830. That is an awful lot of money, although it is also more than what the handset will cost unlocked in the United States, with Best Buy listing the device for $649. Of course, that is typically flagship money, so it is hardly a surprise to see the One M9 command that kind of premium price.

You could be forgiven for thinking that the image of the One M9 you see above is actually of the One M8, that's how similar these two handsets are. Sure, the differences are there, although they are incredibly subtle. It seems like HTC has not just shot itself in the foot, but just kept on shooting and taken the whole leg. It's worth remembering that the One series is more about cutting edge market munching design that it is blistering top of the line specs.

There were always higher spec'd smartphones than the One M8, and indeed the One M7, but none on the market could really match them for looks. For HTC to decide to keep the design largely the same seems mega lazy as this is a handset people were expecting to make an aesthetic statement. Of course, the look is still sexy, the One M8 is still a nice looking device, but the truth is Samsung has just released a better looking handset in the Galaxy S6 Edge... who would have thought it.

So, if the One M9 is not really the king of design anymore, it had better bring some pretty good hardware to the party. For the most part it does, but again there is nothing here that you have never seen before and first impressions suggest that the M9 is a master at nothing. It gets a 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 3GB of RAM, the same 5-inch 1080p screen as the One M8, a 32GB of storage, and a 2,840 mAh juicer.

HTC has done away with the 4MP UltraPixel lens it housed in previous One models and has turned to a more conventional 20 megapixel module that sits rather square and ugly on the device.

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