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Flip Phones Eat into Smartphone Sales in Japan

News by admin on Monday February 16, 2015.

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While the global mobile market seems to follow the same trends, Japan has always proved elusive, a region that is hard to predict. For example, Samsung does not enjoy leading market share in Japan when it does in almost every other nation. Want further convincing that Japan is a unique marketplace? Well how about this:

Smartphone sales are declining in the country and flip phone sales are increasing.

Yes, while the global space sees smartphones sales increasing and feature phones becoming truly things of the past, in Japan things are happening in reverse. The flip phone has never really died out in the country, which is why Korean companies LG and Samsung still roll out new devices of this nature. Of course, flip phones these days have plenty of smartphone functionality that they did in the feature phone days, but still elsewhere it is an obsolete form factor.

In Japan flip phones sales increased by 5.7% to 10.6 million units throughout 2014, while smartphones continued their year on year decline by falling 5.3%. Japan is known for insane contract prices, so that may be playing a part, or does the country know something we do not... is the flip phone about to come back?

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