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UK Drug Dealers Love the Nokia 8210

News by Luke Jones on Friday January 30, 2015.

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In the halcyon days of feature phones, Nokia reigned supreme. Its handsets sold in the kinds of numbers that would even have Samsung and Apple envious and the Finnish company dominated the mobile market for nearly a decade. Those days have long gone, with the advent of the smartphone changing the mobile landscape forever. However, there is a demographic in the UK where the Nokia 8210 feature phone still reigns supreme.

You may not want to be a part of this particular collective though as it was revealed that the 8210 is the device of choice for UK drug dealers. The reasons for going retro is because these handsets cannot be tracked via GPS, while the lack of internet or device connectivity means it is hard to pull information from them. Also, the dealers can keep in touch with their long lists of contacts for long periods of time thanks to the extended battery life of feature phones that lack apps and other battery draining features.

I've got three Nokia 8210 phones and have been told they can be trusted, unlike these iPhones and new phones, which the police can easily [use to] find out where you've been... the feds can now use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to get information from the phone, and seem to be able to listen to phones a lot easier now than ever before. Every dealer I know uses old phones, and the Nokia 8210 is the one everyone wants because of how small it is and how long the battery lasts. And it was the best phone when it came out. I couldn't afford one in Jamaica back in the day, but now I've got four."-K2, drug dealer

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