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SolidEnergy Makes Battery with Double Life

News by Luke Jones on Friday January 30, 2015.

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While smartphone manufacturers will tell you that screen, processor, storage, and RAM are the most important factors in a handset. However, while they are of course important to an extent, battery life is now becoming a major thing to look out for. However, it is also one of the things manufacturers are consistently failing with.

With massive high res screens and powerful chips, smartphones require a lot of juice, but battery technology has not moved as fast as other areas. Devices are still only capable of about two days, while some products like the Moto 360 have pretty awful battery life. However, a company called SoildEnergy says it has made a breakthrough in battery tech.

The MIT startup has created a lithium-ion juicer that is says doubles the amount of energy density compared to current packs. The battery features an ultra-thin metal anode, "a thin piece of lithium on copper, that's less than a fifth the size of a graphite anode".

"Think of the largest phone makers out there," SolidEnergy founder and CEO Qichao Hu. "They approached us."

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