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LG Could Sue Qualcomm Over Samsung Version of Snapdragon 810

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday January 27, 2015.

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The situation surrounding the Snapdragon 810 flagship processor looks to be turning ugly with LG threatening to sue manufacturer Qualcomm, according to some reports. There have been rumored issues with the processor, namely where it overheats, causing several high end smartphones (Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4 for example) to be delayed. As a result of Samsung?s issues, Qualcomm said it would modify the Snapdragon 810 and in effect give Samsung a bespoke version.

Some companies, such as LG (G Flex 2) and Xiaomi (Mi Note Pro) have already announced devices running the original Snapdragon 810, and LG particularly will not be happy if Samsung gets its own version of the chipset. Some are saying Samsung is threatening to ditch the Snapdragon 810 altogether, although that could be a ploy to favor its own Exynos processors. However, if Qualcomm does modify the 810, reports in South Korea are hinting that LG will take legal action, and I imagine Xiaomi and others would follow suit.

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