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MediaTek Looking to Expand into US Market

News by admin on Tuesday January 27, 2015.

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MediaTek has been with us for a long time, but over the last year the chip making company is really starting to make its presence felt. The Chinese manufacturer used to build chipsets for low end devices coming from its home country, but it is now finding its tech in more high end smartphones, but more importantly, increasingly in handsets from marquee brands.

That will continue to increase in 2015 as MediaTek continues to provide an alternative to Qualcomm's all-conquering Snapdragon range of processors. The company is still restricted to Asian markets, but manufacturers are choosing MediaTek for Asian releases. The company has now added LTE modems to its processors and will be looking for devices to launch in the US market with MediaTek chipsets rocking inside. MediaTek president Ching-Jiang Hsieh said during CES, "If you intend to be the most global [player] in the mobile business you should be selling a chip in North America."

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