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Huawei Exec Says Quad HD Smartphones Need Better Batteries

News by Luke Jones on Friday January 23, 2015.

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LG G3 led the Quad HD charge
LG G3 led the Quad HD charge

While the move to 2K Quad HD resolution is well underway, some companies are resisting moving to the better res and pixel count. LG was the first to go Q HD with the G3, then a number of devices followed (Nexus 6, DROID Turbo, Xiaomi Note Pro, and Meizu MX4), while Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S6 will likely be 2K. However, Huawei executive Yu Chengdong has derided Quad HD screens, simply because they are a drag on batteries.

The likes of HTC (One M9) and Sony (Xperia Z4) are thought to be ignoring Quad HD with their upcoming flagships, why Huawei has not built with the tech yet. The Chinese company certainly could if it wanted, but does not want to lose battery life, a feature that is increasingly important to the consumer. Chengdong was critical of Xiaomi's new flagship running a Q HD screen and "just" a 3000 mAh battery, but it is worth noting that Huawei has its own plans for Quad HD smartphones later this year.

So Chengdong's criticism could be more about battery than it is screen. Huawei packs huge juicers into its devices, 4000 mAh with a 1080p screen for example. Perhaps the company is going to deliver battery performance that can live with those high resolution panels? I hope so because I have yet to be impressed by battery life on a Quad HD packing handset.

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