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Amazon to Release New Smartphone in 2016

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday December 31, 2014.

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The failed Fire Phone
The failed Fire Phone

Most people deserve a second chance, but in the tech industry you don't always get one. Luckily for Amazon, it is a huge company that does not make its money from hardware, so that means the company can afford to have another stab at the Fire Phone.

The Fire Phone was the catastrophic failure of the year, in almost any industry. Its path has been well trodden by now and it has been discussed countless times on these pages and beyond. However, Amazon thinks it can still crack the smartphone market and the company is going to revisit its handset in the future.

That future will not be 2015 though as the company knows that its name has been tarnished among smartphone consumers. The company is going back to the drawing board and starting from the ground up to build an entirely new product, hopefully one that looks good, has the best specs, and few gimmicks.

The company will let the flames of the Fire Phone die down through 2015 before returning with Amazon's second smartphone in 2016. That?s according to several reports who cite sources close to the retail giant.

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