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Microsoft to Kill Internet Explorer in Windows 10

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday December 30, 2014.

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Microsoft unveiled Windows 10 earlier in the year, a platform that will unify the Windows name across all form factors, bringing the same experience whether you are on PC or smartphone. The software will arrive in 2015 (likely at the end of the year) and according to ZDNet, Windows 10 will ditch one of Windows' most famous companions.

The outlet claims that Windows 10 will come with a brand new web browser, meaning that Microsoft may be willing to say goodbye to Internet Explorer. The new lightweight browser will resemble Chrome and Firefox and will apparently be called Spartan. It is rare that a company lets go of a brand name that is known globally and to many people it is synonymous with the internet age.

However, the Internet Explorer name does not hold the market cachet it did when it completely dominated the browser market. It is still the market leader, but it now suffers a reputation for being slow. Huge improvements in recent years have done little to change that tarnished reputation and Microsoft is now willing to kill off the browser.

source: ZDNet

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