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China Blocks App Access to Gmail

News by Luke Jones on Monday December 29, 2014.

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China is continuing to go after Google and has reinforced its firewall around the company's services, with several reports today suggesting that the nation has now blocked access to Gmail through email apps. Full access via the internet has been blocked directly to Gmail since June, but China has now also blocked access through IMAP, POP4, and SMTP.

That means that the service is no longer accessible through third party clients such as Microsoft's Outlook and literally dozens of apps that offer Gmail access.

A freedom of speech pressure group in China called GreatFire.org has hit back at the ruling.

I think the government is just trying to further eliminate Google's presence in China and even weaken its market overseas," said a member of GreatFire.org, who uses a pseudonym.

"Imagine if Gmail users might not get through to Chinese clients. Many people outside China might be forced to switch away from Gmail.

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