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Xiaomi Arch Curved Smartphone

News by Luke Jones on Monday December 29, 2014.

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Samsung has been leading the way with folding screen smartphone technology, helping to innovate the tech with Project Youm and then bringing the first handset to market in the form of the Galaxy Note Edge. However, it was widely speculated that the Note Edge would be just the first of a growing number of curved screen devices, and that has been proven with the new Xiaomi Arch.

Xiaomi has done a good job of ruffling Samsung's feathers this year by chewing into the Korean company's market share, causing profits to tumble. The Chinese upstart is at it again with the Arch, a smartphone that beats the Galaxy Note Edge by having two instead of one edge. Of course, Xiaomi is hardly known for its trailblazing originality, so it's hardly surprising to see that the Arch is standing on the shoulders of giants.

There's nothing particularly new here, aside from that extra edge, and indeed this looks a lot like a Samsung smartphone; copying is of course something Xiaomi has been oft accused of. At the moment, the device is nothing more than a concept, and considering Xiaomi is not known to be working with its own folding glass, it would have to source from a company that is.

Like the Galaxy Note Edge, the Arch will have notifications and controls on its edged curve. This may be a blatant copy of a Samsung device, but if Xiaomi ever went ahead with the Arch there is little doubt that it would be a success in China if the company continues to price competitively.

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