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Leaked Sony Email Reveals Xperia Z4 in full

News by Luke Jones on Monday December 22, 2014.

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Xperia Z4
Xperia Z4

The Sony Pictures hack has caused earthquakes throughout the movie industry, shaking the business and probably having ramifications that will be felt for months. However, Sony's other businesses have largely been untouched, although that has changed this past weekend as an internal email leaked online revealed details about the upcoming Xperia Z4 flagship, a new wearable, and how much Sony will pay James Bond to use its gear.

An email says that the Sony Xperia Z4 will be used as a product placement device in the new James Bond movie that is currently being filmed for a 2016 release. The email describes the possible money Sony would pay out, including a whopping $5 million to actor Daniel Craig to appear as James Bond in an image with the Xperia Z4. Almost comprehending the utter madness of that cost, the email suggests cutting Craig out and saving the $5 million to have the Xperia Z4 in an image with the classic Bond gun barrel.

Accompanying the email is an image of the upcoming device, while it also seems to confirm that the Z4 will not be launching at CES next month after all. The email says that the device is Sony's May to November flagship, so we may not see it for some time yet. The image for the Xperia Z4 looks very much like a concept drawing, so it seems the handset is not even at the final design stage yet. However, the new curved screen wearable seems to be an actual product that is ready for launch and we're certainly interested to see that.

As for the Xperia Z4, it has the now familiar front and back glass panels, a metal frame, and seems to be more squared off along the edges. However, before appearing in the movie, the Xperia Z4 will have to audition in renders for Bond director Sam Mendes and Craig. The email was sent to Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Michael Lynton by George Leon, the company's executive president of consumer marketing.

Sony Electronics is now combing the production request list and will shortly tell us what they can provide. Sony MOBILE has now provided us with the needed visuals of the new Z4 Phones. These phones are the planned phones for MAY/NOVEMBER of 2015. I'm attaching the visual for you to see.

Barbara has it and will be meeting with SAM/DANIEL shortly to discuss and to come back with their design for the phone. Mobile is fine and is waiting to hear from us.

Barbara wants to get a PLACEMENT FEE for putting the phone in. She understands that Sony is willing to commit to a marketing/advertising campaign of 18MM, but she wants an additional placement fee. In the past, Sony Electronics/Mobile has not paid a fee... but has paid the following:

$18MM Above-the-Line Advertising commitment

$ 5MM Production Budget/Cost including TV, Print, Digital, etc.

$ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE

$ 1MM License Fee to EON for a limited edition Bone phone (which by the way...

Sony Mobile never recouped, but paid)

Today...Sony Electronics has so far budgeted the following:

$18MM ATL Advertising commitment

$ 5MM Daniel Craig FEE

$ 5MM Production Budget

What if we take the Daniel Craig fee and convince Sony just to pay Barbara directly 4MM for a placement fee. NO Daniel this time. We walk from him. The remaining 1MM (or LESS!) of this budget can be used to hire "Q" instead? Her fee would have to include the right for Sony to use the 007 marks including the barrel, but no Daniel."-Leaked email from George Leon, Sony's executive vice president of consumer marketing, to Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) CEO Michael Lynton

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