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Apple's Shoddy Working Conditions Exposed

News by Luke Jones on Friday December 19, 2014.

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Apple's manufacturing process and labor treatment has been questioned in a new report by the BBC. Current affairs and scandal expose show Panorama has found that factories used by Apple are home to poor working conditions. While some will immediately say it is not directly Apple's fault, it is worth remembering that the company has promised to protect workers interests and has even openly boasted about how much better Apple is than other companies in this regard.

It seems not though, with the BBC showing leaked hidden camera footage from inside a Pegatron factory on the iPhone 6 production line. The show discovered that "standards on workers'' hours, ID cards, dormitories, work meetings and juvenile workers were being breached at the Pegatron factories."

Apple has said that production lines are working around the clock to make sure customers have an iPhone 6. That is the reality, but it seems Apple is willing to meet demands at the cost of workers well-being. The film shows people sleeping on their shifts, on the line taking a nap, something a Pegatron insider said is common practice.

One worker reportedly requested a day off, but was instead forced to work 18 days consecutively (for reference, overtime should be voluntary and not forced), while another said:

Every time I got back to the dormitories, I wouldn't want to move.

Even if I was hungry I wouldn't want to get up to eat. I just wanted to lie down and rest. I was unable to sleep at night because of the stress.

Apple has said it does not agree with the conclusions of the show, and the company is remaining bullish and saying that sleeping on breaks is common, but employees sleeping on line will be investigated. Cupertino continues to say it does more in this area than any other company, while also adding:

We are aware of no other company doing as much as Apple to ensure fair and safe working conditions.

We work with suppliers to address shortfalls, and we see continuous and significant improvement, but we know our work is never done.

source: BBC

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