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Blackberry Defends Passport with 11 Self Deprecating Points

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday December 16, 2014.

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Oh Blackberry, you funny ironic lot... we see what you did here.

The Canadian company has posted a "humorous" blog on its website entitled "11 things wrong with the BlackBerry Passport," but here's the twist, the things mentioned are actually all the good things about the device. It is meant to be a rib tickling repost to all those people who have hated on the Passport for numerous reasons.

As a fan of the handset I am not one of those haters, but here are some of the points Blackberry writer Jim Opfer makes. You can check out the full blog post by hitting up the source link.

A phone is not supposed to have a wide, square screen. The Passport is a WIDE phone with a square screen. BlackBerry's message is "work wide." Here it is, next to the iPhone 6. It?s exactly the size of your passport. This clearly shows the size difference between the two phones. It's definitely "working wide."

Phones aren't supposed to have keyboards anymore.

The Passport's keyboard is elegantly designed, with only three rows of keys, but the real value is the predictive type. I typed "the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog," and I only had to hit three keys. The word suggestions pop up on the screen as you type, and then you just tap the word of choice.

Only laptops have trackpads.

But the Passport has a trackpad built into the keyboard. It sounds crazy until you use it. The whole three-row keyboard is capacitive touch - up, down, left, right. This works for everything from scrolling through emails to scrolling through web pages.

A BlackBerry isn't supposed to have access to too many applications or games, but the Passport has access to too many!

The Passport is marketed as a business phone, but with the Android run time and a quad-core processor, it can run thousands of games perfectly. There goes the business productivity!

A phone can't possibly have all notifications and messages in one app, but the Passport does.

The feature called BlackBerry Hub has been around for over two years on BlackBerry OS 10.0, but it really shines on the wide Passport! In a nutshell, ALL messages and notifications are in one place - emails, phone calls, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, etc. This capability doesn't exist on any iOS or Android device.

A phone this rugged isn't supposed to be beautiful and sexy.

But it is! See this link for people-on-the-street reactions: http://blogs.blackberry.com/2014/10/street-level-reaction-passport/.

The Passport has a stainless steel I-beam frame construction and uses Corning Gorilla glass. Watch this video of two guys throwing it, trying to break it: http://crackberry.com/axiom-puts-blackberry-passport-through-some-extreme-drop-testing.

For me, the phone is too elegant to put inside a case. My solution is to attach a lanyard tab to the back (available on Amazon).

source: Blackberry.com

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