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Blackberry (Re) Launches Brick Builder Game

News by Luke Jones on Saturday December 13, 2014.

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Blackberry had a go at the future and found that it has been left behind by Apple and Android, so the Canadian company has decided to turn back the clock. Yes, the Passport marries the best of both worlds, but the new Blackberry Classic is full on old school charm. It has the company's famous QWERTY keyboard and trackpad in tow, a mirror to the successful Bold smartphone.

If you are yearning for even more 2008 from Blackberry then you should be pretty happy to see the return of the old BB classic game, Brick Breaker. It seems while smartphones are pumping out games of near console quality, Blackberry thinks going back in time is what its consumers want.

Brick Breaker, the addictive game that BlackBerry fans will surely remember, is back," the company writes. "And rather than wearing out your keyboard, now you can smash bricks with what has personally become my favorite method - the trackpad.

Classic games have resurged over the past half-decade, with indie developers creating modern games with that retro 8-bit feel," the company explains. "Minecraft is but one example, but a quick web search will yield results ranging from the 80s-inspired pixel art subgenre to the viral so-addictive-it-was-removed-by-the-publisher Flappy Bird game. Even the makers of Angry Birds have slung themselves onboard with the recent release of Retry. Clearly, classic games such as BrickBreaker are 100% on-trend."

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