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Windows Style Start Menus on Android... Here's how

Editorial by Luke Jones on Wednesday December 10, 2014.

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Market share data tells us that there are not too many Android users glancing enviously over at Windows Phone. Microsoft's WP software has come on steadily over the last few years, but it still lags behind other platforms in terms of overall quality, although I imagine the Windows fans will argue that point.

There are a few good old fashioned Windows features that Android fans may take enjoyment from, and in fact even Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 fans would too. I am talking about the good old start menu that is not used on Windows Phone, was not part of Windows 8 and then sort of made a reappearance for Windows 8.1, but I must emphasize the sort of.

Did you know you can get a Windows style Start Menu rocking on your Android smartphone or tablet? All you need to do is download the free "Taskbar" app that we have linked at the bottom of this article. Once the Taskbar app is installed you can open it and tap "Enable Taskbar" to get the app up and running.

The next step is to tap "Edit Start Menu" to start customizing the menu to your own tastes. The Taskbar Windows style Start button works in much the same way we grew to know on our PCs. When it is clicked it expands to show various programs, apps, and features on your Android phone, while the pane itself can be adjusted for size, color, and transparency. You can also add whatever apps and device locations your want to the start menu.

You can also place the Taskbar icon anywhere on your device, so you do not necessarily need to have it placed in the bottom left like the classic Start Menu. If you want the really classic look of the start button in the bottom taskbar, you will need to have your particular handset rooted, otherwise you will have to place it in the normal Android grid style.

source: Taskbar

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