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Microsoft Clamps Down on Windows and Office Piracy

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday December 09, 2014.

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There are plenty of people out there using Microsoft's products (Office and Windows) illegally without paying for them. While some would argue that its fair game, Microsoft certainly begs to differ and is ready to go to war with those doing it. Torrent Freak says that the software giant is going to start taking people to court when it detects they are using pirated copies of products such as Office and Windows.

Redmond has apparently already filed a suit against a person/s through an AT&T subscription who have activated Windows 7 and Office 10 on multiple occasions. Microsoft has created a cyber-forensics unit that is tasked with rooting out suspicious behaviour such as multiple false product activations. In the AT&T case, the filing reads, "a number of product key activations from IP address, which is presently assigned to ISP AT&T Internet Services."

It would seem that these multiple activations may be a piracy ring that activate office without purchasing the product before making it available to other downloaders. The file says, "Stolen from Microsoft's supply chain, used without permission from the refurbished channel, and used more often than the license permits."

Microsoft has been talking about this issue of late, with CEO Satya Nadella discussing the topic of piracy just two months ago. Then he hinted that Microsoft is not too bothered about piracy and even joked about it when he said, "Well, we've always had freemium. Sometimes our freemium was called piracy," although he did suggest the company would take action against those activating multiple products to pass on to others for free. As the complaint points out:

One prominent form of software piracy is known as "hard-disk loading," which is the unauthorized copying and installation of infringing software on devices. Those devices are then sold in competition with, and often for lower prices than, devices pre-installed with legally licensed copies of software.

source: Torrent Freak

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