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Newbie Guide: Speed Up Samsung's TouchWiz a Little Bit

Editorial by Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014.

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Samsung is often not given enough credit for the way it rose to dominance in the smartphone world. Yes, the Korean company has been accused of copying others, while the accusation that the company makes by the numbers devices make stick to the wall. However, Samsung delivered solid device after solid device and the consumer base responded with their cash. Of course, the trick is wearing a bit thin at the moment, but Samsung is still numero uno in the smartphone world, but that does not mean the company?s devices are perfect.

It is widely accepted that the biggest problem with Samsung handsets (even the flagship ones) is the software. Yes, Android powers the Galaxy devices, but Samsung's own TouchWiz UI is pasted on top and it is known for being laggy, choppy, and sometimes just outright slow. It has become something of a joke and a stick to beat Samsung with. So, how do you make the TouchWiz experience that bit quicker? Well, you can disable the S Voice settings, and we are going to show you how to do just that.

As a refresh, S Voice is like Google Now, Cortana, or Siri, a virtual assistant that you can interact with to perform various tasks on your smartphone. Considering the better Google Now is on Samsung handsets, S Voice is a bit of an unnecessary inclusion, pre-loaded onto the device out of the box. It cannot be deleted and to use it you have to double tap the home button, while multitudes of users say causes lag.

The fix for this is incredibly simple, but a quick count of our inbox revealed twelve emails this year asking us how to disable this feature. So this, is for all the newbies out there.

Open the S Voice app and head to the settings screen. From there simply disable the "Open via the home key" option and viola, it?s done. The home button should not work more rapidly, and while you can't access S Voice via that way anymore, you can still access it from the app.

source: PhoneArena

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