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Panasonic Touchpad FZ-E1 to bring Ruggedness to a Market near You Soon

News by Luke Jones on Monday December 08, 2014.

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Panasonic are one of many Japanese electronics giants who completely missed the boat with mobile and let other companies steal a march on them in the market. The company still makes smartphones though and some of its efforts are very good, like the Touchpad FZ-E1, a handset that is perfect for the kind of person who like to go toe to toe with Mother Nature.

The device is as rugged as they come and will be perfect for those who like some rough and tumble in the wilds of the Earth. It is a tablet that comes with Windows 8 running on board (that's full Windows by the way), and it can go for a 5 foot swim for up to 30 minutes, while it can also be dropped from 10 foot onto concrete. This is a slate, but some versions of it can make calls, while it also boasts LTE.

The device is no ready to hit the market after being given the all clear from the GCF (Global Certification Forum), which means it is certified to land in a market near you soon. Whether Panasonic will actually be releasing this in the US or Europe is unclear, but one of the prime markets for this kind of adventure gear is in North America, so common sense would suggest the Touchpad FZ-E1 is North America bound.

In terms of specs, the slate gets some solid mid-range stuff, such as a 5-inch 720p display which is specifically designed for outdoor use. Elsewhere they is a 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 coupled with 2GB of RAM, while it has 32GB of expandable storage and a swappable 6,200mAh juicer.

There is also an actual Android smartphone version of this device as well, but there has been no confirmation on that passing through the GCF just yet.

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