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Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 in Detail

News by Luke Jones on Thursday December 04, 2014.

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Qualcomm has become synonymous with smartphones, the company makes silicon innards for just about every company out there, especially on the Android platform. There are other players of course (MediaTek, Samsung, NVIDIA etc), but if you are buying a smartphone there is a very good chance that it will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset purring under the hood.

The newest version of the company's Snapdragon is always intriguing because it points to the direction of the smartphone world in a few months. The latest is the Snapdragon 810, the most powerful processor the company has made and the daddy to the 610 and 410 that have already been launched. The big news here is that the Snapdragon 810 can handle 64-bit processing (still a novel thing for Android) and it is also an octa-core processor.

The 810 features four Cortex A57 high-performance cores and four power-efficient Cortex A53 cores. The performance-driven A57 cores will run at a clock speed of up to 1958MHz (1.96GHz), while the A53 power-savvy cores will be clocked at up to 1555MHz (1.56GHz). The detail minded of you will probably realize that the clock speeds are actually lower than the Snapdragon 805 that is pushing current smartphone flagships, but those are quad-core processors, while this has eight cores.

As for the 64-bit processing, the Snapdragon 810 is built on an ARMv9-An instruction set, and is built on 20nm lithography as opposed to the 28nm process found in the 805. If some of that is meaningless to you, the finished result of the Snapdragon 810 is that it is better than the previous iteration.

The chipset has found itself in some reference devices, but the race is on for the first actual OEM smartphone to land with this chip. Some big Android heavyweights are launching flagships early in 2015, such as Sony, LG, HTC, and Samsung, could those device comes too early for the 810 or will one of them rock the new processor? These days there is no discounting the Chinese brands, especially the likes of Meizu who like to cram their devices with top shelf specs and also be the first to market with them too.

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