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Apple to Cut iPhone 5c in 2015

News by Luke Jones on Thursday November 27, 2014.

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According to numerous reports today, Apple is set to discontinue the iPhone 5s in 2015, bringing its "affordable" iPhone to an end. Cupertino has already instructed its suppliers Foxconn and Wistron to tone down production and will stop selling the device in the middle of 2015.

The iPhone 5c was an odd smartphone. Essentially just an iPhone 5, it was repackaged in funky colors, wrapped in plastic and sold as Apple's affordable smartphone option. The problem with that sound theory was that the 5c is actually not that affordable and is more expensive than other devices in its price range.

The handset was met with a bit of a shrug and many actually say that it flopped. The reality is that the iPhone 5c has actually sold in millions and can only really be bettered by other iPhones and some Samsung models in terms of sales. Of course, there has not been an outpouring of love and fevered purchases for the handset, but it has served its purpose for Apple. For the record, it is a smartphone I utterly detest, but that is another story.

It makes plenty of sense for Apple to be discontinuing this handset in 2015, when it will be two years old. My own source tells me that Apple will actually wait until the fall and discontinue the iPhone 5c when it retains the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in some capacity as a lower priced option against an iPhone 6s. It also makes sense for the consumer, especially when the iPhone 5c is now sold with just 8GB of memory, a storage capacity that has no place in 2014 without a micro SD card slot. The device also lacks some of Apple's critical new features, such as the Touch ID fingerprint sensor which is all-important to the functionality of Apple Pay.

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