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Sony's Next SmartWatch Could be made From E-paper

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014.

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The Current SmartWatch 3
The Current SmartWatch 3

Sony was one of the first to jump on the wearable trend with its SmartWatch devices, paving the way for other companies. The Japanese brand is now marketing the SmartWatch 3, a wearable that stands alongside Android Wear products with much the same specs and features as each other. However, Sony is apparently ready to spread its wearable wings with another smartwatch, one with an e-paper screen.

Of course, most smartwatches use an LCD screen, but Sony will embrace an e-paper panel according to Bloomberg, while interestingly the entire wrist band will also be made of the same material. This screen technology is mostly know from Amazon's Kindle e-readers and is basically a low power "electronic paper" that is easier to read than bright LCD panels thanks to better performance in direct sunlight because it reflects light rather than emits it.

Sony wants to build the entire watch out of e-paper, which would mean the whole product is essentially a screen. That would mean the wearable is completely customizable with faces and straps able to be loaded onto the whole device. Apparently Sony figures that most smartwatches do the same things so the company is instead focusing on the customizing aspects of wearable devices. E-paper is actually quite expensive and even though they can come in color no company has embraced it, not even Amazon.

Does that means Sony will stick with black and white or will the company take the cost and make its smartwatch color? There is already one watch on the market that has found success with an e-paper screen, the Pebble smartwatch. That device is popular and deals with the limitations of black and white e-paper in innovative ways, while the Pebble has built solid developer support. The truth is though that no e-paper wearable will ever have the features found on the likes of the Apple Watch, and Sony seems to understand that.

Bloomberg says Sony is working launching the device sometime during 2015.

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