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Blackberry Wants to Make Money off BBM

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday November 26, 2014.

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When Blackberry went through the floor last year there were few lights guiding the company to the end of the tunnel. However, services provided a small way out and something to build off and with things like BBM, Blackberry started to claw itself out of trouble. The end of that tunnel has not yet been reached and BBM heading to other platforms only proved a marginal success, but yet the messaging service is starting to make an impact for Blackberry and the company is ready to monetize BBM.

Senior VP of Emerging Solutions at Blackberry, Matthew Talbot spoke on Tuesday and discussed BBM, revealing that the service now has 1.1 million channels. With that many messaging groups active the company now thinks it is "uniquely positioned to capitalize on a mobile messaging market". That in normal speak means Blackberry is ready to turn BBM's popularity into some cold hard cash by adding sponsors and advertisers. With a 91 million user base, there is certainly plenty of scope for Blackberry to fulfil its plans, especially as BBM is available on Android, Windows, and iOS too.

Blackberry says it already has advertising and sponsorship agreements in place, so you can expect to see them on your BBM feed soon. They will appear on message reels, stickers, and just about everything else, but especially Channels. This area of BBM has grown and Channels users are "connected with brands and businesses" and the company will look for companies to sponsor certain discussion groups. Blackberry insists that despite advertising it will not actually be sharing any identifiable user information with third parties.

As one of the largest private mobile social networks, BBM is uniquely positioned to capitalize on a mobile messaging market that is estimated to grow into the multi-billions in the next few years. Our highly engaged customer base has grown to more than 90 million monthly active users around the world, so we have great placements to offer advertisers.

We envision a future where BBM is the platform people use to engage with the mobile ecosystem: chatting with friends, working with colleagues, pursuing hobbies and interests, and taking care of the business of life, including commerce transactions. Precisely targeted advertising, with useful offers from brands we like, can replace the kind of mass advertising that speaks to only a small percentage of the people who see it. Advertisers won't have to pay for reaching the wrong people, and consumers won't get bombarded with irrelevant offers. It?s a win-win."-Matthew Talbot, Senior VP, BlackBerry

source: Blackberry

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