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Google Chrome Used By 400 Million Android Users

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday November 25, 2014.

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Google is trying to unify the Android market as much as possible and wants the amount of forked Android devices to drop considerably. The reason is because Google makes money from its services and forked Android devices do not have those services. The work is slowly paying off as the amount of people using Google Chrome on mobile device has grown massively.

Of course, people on iOS and other operating systems can use Google Chrome, but it is pre-installed on Android devices (the non-forked ones) and is most widely used on that platform. Earlier in the year at Google I/O in June, the company said that 300 million people are now using the Chrome browser on their handsets. That was an impressive hike from the same time in 2013 when Chrome boasted just 30 million user.

It seems the runaway train like progress of the browser continued through the months post I/O as Google executive Darin Fisher told those assembled at the Chrome Dev Summit that there are now 400 million Chrome users. That means 100 million users have been added in just five months, or 20 million per month. Of course, there is now a new version of Android and the latest build of the platform brings plenty of changes to Chrome.

Chrome is smoother now as the new version removed the 300 millisecond delay the browser employed to see if a user would double tap the screen. The app now also puts less of a load on battery life thanks to the workload being pushed to the GPU of the device Chrome is running on.

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