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Apple Share Surge to Record High

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday November 25, 2014.

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When Tim Cook became Apple CEO there were many who thought he lacked the passionate vision of Steve Jobs to keep the company hitting home runs. That may well be true, but those on Cook's side always said he was a formidable businessman who knew how to build on Apple's success and to build on it. Many scoffed, but Cook has indeed made Apple a bigger company now than it was before his tenure.

The company passed another milestone as Apple stock took a leap to another massive record by hitting $700 billion market capitalization as the stock moved to $119.65. The share split price would mean that Apple's stock is now worth $837.13, a new peak never seen before (pre-split the 2012 peak was $665. To put the recent jump into perspective, Apple's stock has gained $50 billion in value over the last two weeks.

2014 has certainly proved a stark contrast to 2013 when stock prices fell as investor's case doubts over the company's long term ability to keep innovating in existing and new product categories. The calls that the company would reach a precipice and fall off have dies down in recent months. Perhaps Apple is not nailing innovating products like it once was, but the fever for the new iPhones and predictions for the Apple Watch have confirmed that the love for the company is not going to wane in the consumer space.

Apple's share price has risen by 50% since January of this year while the profit and revenue the company has generated has more than offset the share buyback Cupertino undertook two years ago. Apple is still comfortably the most valuable company in the world, a position it holds by hundreds of billions.