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OnePlus Two in the Works, StyleSwap Covers Back in Production

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 24, 2014.

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The OnePlus Two, the OnePlus One 2, or the OnePlus One 2015. Whatever you call the follow up to OnePlus? industry defying flagship, the device is almost certain to find its way to the market in 2015. However, I would suggest that it would be late 2015 until it arrives as the Chinese company has still not fully rolled out the One and will be looking to maximize that smartphone's potential before moving on.

The company has confessed numerous times that it makes a single figure sum of profit from each OnePlus One that it sells and that the hope is the device drives up interest in the brand and consumers will be willing to pay a bit more next time. However, for the OnePlus Two (that's what we are calling it) that company will still undercut the flagship elite by a big margin, even if not by as much as the One does.

The OnePlus One costs just $300, but the next iteration will be a bit more expensive, but will still be sub $500 claims an anonymous source. That is still significantly less that the $600+ price points of other flagships. The source did not offer any spec details, which is probably further proof that the handset will arrive late next year. Simply put, the high end specs it will have are probably not even available yet.

On the subject of the existing OnePlus One, a "source familiar with the situation" told the Times of India that the company is aiming to bring more versions of its StyleSwap covers to the market. The One comes with interchangeable rear plates that come in various designs and materials; the company recently halted production of the Bamboo version, the only cover available so far. The company hopes to head back into production and may even be making the denim and Kevlar ones it has promised before.

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