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Xiaomi Wants Fan Suggestions for Smartwatch

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday November 19, 2014.

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We are running out of companies who are NOT making smartwatches, even the ones who do not currently have a wearable have signalled their intentions to do so in the near future. Which leads us on to Xiaomi, the Chinese company that has shook the smartphones industry (especially Samsung) over the last two years.

Xiaomi has become one of the top three selling smartphone brands in the world by making devices affordable and making virtually no profit. The company has been accused of copying and outright stealing designs and ideas, but through it all it has sold millions of products. There has been a spike in popularity for the company and it will now branch out into the smartwatch market according to Xiaomi's Global Vice President Hugo Barra.

"You'd be absolutely amazed if you'd saw all the things" he said in a YouTube post about the things the company is working on. Xiaomi will decide in the next few months whether it will launch a wearable of not, but at the moment the company is interested in knowing what features people would like to see on the product. Yes, we'll be the first to joke that the company will just copy the look and feature set of rival smartphone, but mocking aside it will be interesting if Xiaomi really listens to what its fans say they want.

Of course, the Chinese company already has a wearable in the form of the MiBand, which is a simpler fitness tracker and not a smartwatch in the slightest.

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