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Google Glass is Becoming Increasingly Pointless

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014.

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Google Glass
Google Glass

Google Glass, remember that? Launched as one of the first multi-function wearables the eye glass product was considered the future of mobile tech but has actually fallen into some kind of tech no-man's land. Innovation on this scale usually needs the backing of a market, or other companies weighing in with their products, but in the case of Glass, Google's innovation went by unnoticed by other companies.

Google said this week that it would make its wearable widely available for purchase next year, with the price of $1,500 still intact. That's another thing, wearables are at a stage of being indulgence purchases, not must have's, so I do not envisage Google Glass flying off the shelves. Sure, it has been snapped up by the tech enthused, but even they are starting to tire of the device.

Reuters interviewed Shevetank Shah, a Washington, DC-based consultant, who said "It looks super nerdy," ... "I'm a card carrying nerd, but this was one card too many."

Of course, Mr. Shah's personal opinion hardly matters at all, although it seems to be the general consensus from those who adopted Google Glass early; simply put they have run out of uses for it. Apple CEO Tim Cook said back last year that he liked Google Glass, but he could not see it becoming a hit because there is still a stigma attached to wearing glasses. It seems he was correct as many Glass wearers admit to feeling scrutinized wearing them.

Worse than any of that is the very real problem of developers jumping from Google Glass like rats leaving the proverbial sinking ship. Interest in building software for the device has waned, perhaps a rejuvenation can be viewed with consumers entering the fray wholesale, but it is unlikely. The device desperately needs a market, but a product this niche is probably never going to find it.

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