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Wearable Designer Slams Samsung's Design Ethos

News by Luke Jones on Monday November 17, 2014.

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Ditto is a new wearable (not a smartwatch) product that features a way to get simple notifications, created by designer Bob Olodort. However, Olodort is also known as a former designer for Samsung, on a third party basis and for a short time. It did not seem like a good experience as he has had some scathing things to say about the Korean giant.

Olodort said that he would show Samsung "elegant, innovative phone designs" multiple times per year, each of the designs were "optimized to provide an ideal set of features for a [...] target customer". The products were a vision of "simplicity and elegance". You may notice that Samsung devices do not necessarily live up to that with their bloated and sometimes slow software.

Olodort puts it in no uncertain terms "They would louse it up by putting in everything - that's their style at Samsung. A few young Samsung engineering managers would each add their own pet features. Later, the carriers Samsung sold to would insist on another set of features. Pretty soon the phones would be crammed with complexity and redundant features."

So, is this a disgruntled designer moaning and bigging up his designs that probably weren?t good enough, or does Olodort have a point? It is of course hard to say, but his new product Ditto seems to act as confirmation that Olodort has a passion for "simplicity and elegance".

His company Simple Matters has created Ditto, a small plastic device that costs $30 that looks simple and vibrates in different rhythms to tell the user about notifications, call, and other event. The device links to a smartphone and can be worn anywhere on clothing.

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