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Jony Ive says Apple Watch is Flexible Idea and Slams Copy Devices

News by Luke Jones on Saturday November 15, 2014.

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How many tech designers do you know? Do you know who designed the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for example, or even who had the influence for HTC to come up with the beauty that is the One M7/M8. These guys and gals may well create the mobile tech that you desire, but they are largely anonymous (isn't that how it should be?), but with Apple things are different.

Jony Ive has become something of a celebrity because of his work on Apple's products such as the iPod, iPad, iPhone, and now the Apple Watch. He has been giving an interview to the director of London's Design Museum and during the chat he discussed Apple's first wearable and what sets it apart, while he also had strong words for those who may copy Cupertino's ideas.

Regarding the Apple Watch, Ive explained why the company created several designs and made the device customizable; a rare move from a company that likes to tell the customer what they want. Ive pointed out that all Apple Watch variations stemmed from a "singular system" from a "flexible idea".

One of the biggest challenges that we found was that we wouldn't all be sitting here wearing the same thing. I don't think we want to wear the same thing. Which is why we developed this system, not a single product.

Of course, he has a point. If any wearable becomes a monster seller then it is unlikely that there will be tens of millions of people walking around with exactly the same looking unit. It would be like everyone wearing the same sweater. Apple clearly relaxed its stance on control in the aspect because it is certainly not something the company wants to happen with the iOS software, which is not very customizable at all.

Ive was also pressed on companies who copy Apple's designs and ideas and whether he thinks this is a form of flattery... he did not. Xiaomi particularly has been singled out recently, but truthfully the Chinese company seems to have been copying the homework of several vendors, not just Apple.

If you look at the work of the studio, and you think, 80 percent of this isn't going to work. One of the sad things is - and this is why perhaps we may seem a little testy when things we have been working on for eight years are copied in six months - but it wasn't inevitable that it was going to work... It's not copying, it's theft. They stole our time, time we could have had with our families. I actually feel quite strongly about it. It's funny - I was talking to somebody and they said do you think when somebody copies what you do its flattering? No.

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