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iPhone 6 eats into iPad sales

News by Luke Jones on Thursday November 13, 2014.

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Since Apple launched its first iPad we have been waiting for a slate that can truly match Cupertino's effort, but the truth is we have been left waiting. The so called iPad Killer has never really emerged despite an admittedly deep line up of quality Android and Windows alternatives. At least from a sales perspective the iPad reigns supreme, although there are some chinks in the armor.

iPad sales have been declining throughout the year and are expected to drop over the Holiday Season despite the iPad Air 2 arriving on the market. However, a quick look at the tablet market in general will show that no single device is growing rapidly, so where is the iPad Killer? It is not running Android and not Windows. It actually seem that the iPad Killer is actually Apple's very own product, the iPhone.

To be exact, the new launched iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Compare My Mobile found that 12% of all iPad owners traded in their tablet for the iPhone 6, while 8% made the leap from the iPad to the iPhone 6 Plus. So that?s 20% trading in their slate for a smartphone, although it should be noted that the data only includes older iPads, not the new Air 2 or Mini 3.

Of course, the success and mobility of the iPhone is not the sole reason behind the iPads decline, Android must take some credit. For example, Google's platform is growing market share, while the lesser need to do yearly upgrades means the tablet market is more static. Despite all that, it seems that Apple's biggest threat to the iPad comes from within the company.

source: Compare My Mobile

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