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Android grows but iOS dominated the business space

News by Luke Jones on Wednesday November 12, 2014.

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We are used to hearing about Android growing market share in just about every aspect, but there are a few areas where Google's mobile platform is not so dominant. For example, in the business and enterprise companies prefer to use Apple's iOS or to a lesser extent Blackberry, the traditional name in this niche.

However, Android is starting to make its presence felt and he been growing market share, despite facing constant problems with platform security. The platform enjoyed large growth in the tablet area during the last three month. Throughout the third quarter of 2014, Android tablets were responsible for 11% of all business activation from slates, a 1% rise from the 10% hold Android during Q2.

Business and enterprise is seen as the niche that will prolong tablets as the consumer side of the slate niche is slowing down. Apple is still the dominant force with the various iPads responsible for a massive 89% of all activations. However, while Android has stolen market share from Cupertino, Apple's recent partnership with IBM is expected to yield big prospects and should keep the iPad on top for a long time.

Apple's iOS is still the business platform to beat for smartphones too, with 69% of activations in the last three months, a 2% rise from last quarter. The iPhone 6 was the driving force behind Apple's quarterly success with 85% of all iOS activations through the three month period coming from the new device.

Android rolled in second with a market share of 29%, while for the sixth quarter in a row Microsoft's Windows Phone managed just 1% of the market.

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