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Mozilla exec targets iOS and Android

News by Luke Jones on Tuesday November 11, 2014.

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Mozilla is still a massive underdog in the smartphone world, the company's Firefox OS operates multiple rungs below the likes of Android and iOS, and is even an also ran against the likes of Windows Phones and Blackberry. However, Mozilla is still backing its OS and thinks the open source platform can make a difference in the mobile market much like its browser did on the internet.

Until now the Firefox OS has operated away from the gaze of Android and iOS, but for the first time Mozilla is calling out its considerably bigger rivals. Mozilla chief technology officer Andreas Gal published an article in British newspaper, The Guardian, where he went to town on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android. He described both as closed systems, while he slammed both for lacking integrity. He said both have "almost a complete lack of transparency".

Right now the user has a choice between one phone where you can't tell what goes on inside it and another phone where you can?t tell what goes on inside it,? Gal said.

Discussing Android, Gal pointed out that the sole purpose of the platform is to direct the consumer to Google, indeed the only way Mountain View makes money from the platform is through its services.

What an Android phone essentially is, it's like Google's agent in your pocket... they don't intend to put you first, they put Google first because Google needs to increase their value," he said.

They'd like to know things about you and track you so they can target you. Google sets the rules that serve Google in the end, not necessarily the user.?

Speaking of Apple the Mozilla executive said that it was not necessarily a good thing that Cupertino's iOS platform is completely closed.

We don't think it's a good idea that corporations rule these massive ecosystems with arbitrary rules that sometimes can be completely opposite to what the user wants," said Gal. "The user should be able to know what is happening to their data and have some influence over it.

source: The Guardian

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